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Director Testimonial


"Joe had an innate sense of the proper tone for my story without any direction from me. He made some great choices as a voice actor and was a pleasure to work with."
-Jim Heskett, author

"Powerful and Poetic ~ WoW!"


"Powerful narrative. Voice inflections in all the right places for an exact delivery. I look forward to more [...]. Great job!"

-Teresa, review for "Abandoned"

"Underlying Anger Frustration Of A Man X3 Shorts"


"I appreciated Joe DiNozzi's performance. It was professional and as personable as the book of short stories would allow. I would like to hear more of his work and believe he could do a great job with whatever material he was given to perform."

-DK, review for "Abandoned"

"3 short stories"


"stories are great on there [sic] own but the narrator did a fantastic job."

-Yaqueline, review for "Abandoned"

"Very different"


"I will absolutely, 100% be looking for audiobooks by this narrator..... He was absolutely amazing! [...] Joe DiNozzi did an amazing, extraordinary job narrating this book! If I could rate his performance, he would easily get 5 stars! I always speed up audiobooks but in book# 1 while narrating the thoughts of a guy on cocaine, I literally had to slow the audiobook down! A+++++"

-Kim BookJunkie, review for "Abandoned"




"The narration of this shows that even some weak jokes told with the right sound can be half descent [sic]."

-Andrew, review for "Jokes: Clean Jokes"

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